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Restaurants and Bars

Did you know that Hokkaido is known for serving only the freshest produce? Binge and enjoy the purest seafood, vegetables, and dairy products. And after a long tiring day of exploring the area, take a glass of sake or, better yet, Hokkaido’s best-tasting beer. These are things you shouldn’t miss on your trip to town.

Experience Hokkaido from your mouth. Satisfy your cravings with these town’s favorite spots. We have made a rundown on Hokkaido’s must-try restaurants and bars.

From binging on Japanese cuisine to trying out Hokkaido’s exclusive treats, Hokkaido Japan Tours can help satisfy your hunger in the best tasty ways possible.


Places to Stay

Hokkaido Japan Tours doesn’t just set the exciting activities for you. We also plan for your relaxation and peace.

We book the perfect place for you to stay in. We have a list of hotels to keep you warm and comfortable through our website even without doing glasvezel postcodecheck. From top suites to low-key cozy stay-ins, we find you the best hotels and lodges that suits your budget.

That’s right. With our accommodation packages, you’ll feel at home here in Hokkaido.

Activities and Attractions

Hokkaido is home to many of Japan’s tourist attractions. From volcanoes, natural hot springs (onsen), to ski resorts, you can see and experience the best there is in town.

The Rugged Daisetsuzan National Park is the place where the steaming, volcanic Mount Asahi is located. You can also witness a Mount Fuji look-alike in the Shikotsu-Tōya National Park. There you can also witness several geothermal springs and caldera lakes.

And if you’re up for a cold and exciting adventure, skiing is a top choice in Hokkaido. You can ride and glide on popular ski resorts such as Rusutsu, Furano, and Niseko as such the sightseeing canal cruise.

Find out what’s more to see and visit In Hokkaido from our tour package. Here, we feature today’s trendy attractions and tours that both locals and tourists would love. Have you heard about these places?

With Hokkaido Japan Tours’ best-kept travel tips and tech blog, you can plan and plot a fun experience for you and your loved ones in and around Hokkaido.


Are you planning to visit Hokkaido, Japan?

Taking in new adventures can be fun and exciting, but planning it can be a challenge.

But don’t worry. We’ll do the hard part for you.

Hokkaido Japan Tours welcomes tourists like you. Allow us to arrange your travel itineraries, from the best accommodation to the best place, all crafted and tailored to your budget. We have the best guides, perfect activities, and exciting adventures crafted to make your adventure in Hokkaido the best yet – even free museum tickets should you want to roam around museum hopping.

Our team has the know-how in all the right places and activities to make your stay memorable. We have partners from different industries in the community to provide the only best experience within reasonable rates.

Let’s discuss your next getaway soon. Please feel free to contact us for any of your travel and tours needs. We will be happy to show you Hokkaido.

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