4 Must-See Destinations in Hokkaido


Hokkaido, Japan is home to many historical sites, hot springs, beautiful sceneries, and delicious foods. Many people are flocking the country with its inspiring and breathtaking beauty that goes hand in hand with its history and urban charm.  The captivating beauty of Hokkaido is featured on many websites even on alexa traffic rank add on apps.

If you’re traveling to Hokkaido, you should not miss out on these town’s best spots:


hot springsTo experience one of the best hot water in Japan, head over to Noboribetsu. Its Jigokudani mountain is the source of power from the underground in the atmosphere of sulfur. There are many life-sized statues of red and blue demons that would leave you in awe.

You must also visit the footbath of Oyunuma River and bask in its hot water. It’s a perfect destination to take a stroll and unwind.

Hakodate Port

Many historical events happened in Hakodate. It’s past has made it into a beautiful place that it is today.

Visit the bay area with the Goryokaku Park if you wish to see its historic relics. You can also shop and enjoy the fresh seafood bowls in the Hakodate Morning Market. Book in advance and get more discount using agoda booking discount code online.

Go for a walk up the hill to immerse in Hakodate’s unique atmosphere. The night view from atop Mt. Hakodate will be one of your remarkable moments on your trip.


Sapporo is known as the royal road of Hokkaido. It is a very lovely destination that showcases several exciting attractions and activities even with cheap hotels by the airport.

There is the Sapporo Clock Tower and the Sapporo Snow Festival. It also has the Maruyama Zoo where you can have close encounters with animals such as owls and polar bears. For nature lovers, there is the Maeda Forest Park and the Moiwa Mountain.



The Otaru Canal is one of the most visited places in Hokkaido. In fact, tourists are flooding the area no matter the season.

Along the Otaru Canal is a gas light that leads you to the landscape. This holds a very charming beauty that could make you say “awww” just by looking at its marvelousness. You can also check the cherry blossoms in the temple park, the wine gallery, and the Kitaichi Glass.

Satisfy your tummy cravings with the popular Otaru sushi. This tasty food is a real pleasure.

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