5 Things You’ll Love About Hokkaido


It’s a no-brainer: There are many things to love about Hokkaido, Japan. Although it is a much-less visited place compared to Osaka and Tokyo, its unspoiled natural spots, ancient history, and breathtaking landscapes are things that make this enchanting place so unique even to the edarling dating site users.

Hot Springs

Ah, of course. When it comes to onsens (hot springs) in Japan, Hokkaido is the first place that comes to mind. It is home to some of the most peaceful and luxurious onsens in the country. Old folks visit the onsens thinking it could cure any type of illness and injury. Nowadays, locals are going to these locations whenever they want to de-stress and have peace of mind.


From beer festivals to flower viewing, there are many festivals happening in Hokkaido that continue to interest people from all over the world. If you’re visiting the area in the winter, be sure you get to experience its famous Sapporo Snow Festival.  Be aware that people will flock the area – even the targeted web traffic is cheap during this season.


Because of its great natural landscape, Hokkaido is known as the ultimate hiking destination. Its mountainous terrain, deep valleys, and green landscapes are guaranteed to satisfy thrill seekers and adventurers. There are also mountain trails that could take you to active volcanoes.


Hokkaido has many mountains that boast some of the best ski locations in the world. Hence, the country gives birth to many talented skiers and boarders. Even foreign players come and visit the Niseko, Kiroro, and Rusutsu resorts to experience Hokkaido’s finest powder snow.


Street Markets

Did you know that Hokkaido is labeled as the “Kingdom of Food” among the Japanese? This is the best place to enjoy the freshest produce, crops, dairy products, and seafood in the country. Their street markets are filled with fresh local foods that you can get at a small amount. You can also take a quick bite on their sushi and sashimi restaurants that are stationed on the market.

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