Top 3 Places You Need to Visit in Hokkaido

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Furano & Biei

sceneYou can’t leave Hokkaido without visiting Furano & Biei. It’s a famous tourist destination and their Tomita Farm is something you shouldn’t miss and should be included in your next sightseeing boat tour.

In spring, lavenders fill all over the place where tourists are attracted to its colorful beauty. You can also see many popular drama locations, like the stone house of Goro Kuroto that was featured in the play from “North of the Country”.

Biei is popularly known as the “city of a hill”. Its rural landscapes are covered with hills. It hosts one of the country’s beautiful nature sceneries. In fact, its Mild Seven’s hills and Christmas tree were used in many commercials.

Many people are recently taking an interest in the blue pond of platinum. Aside from the lavenders, its seasonal flowers make the place even more interesting.

The flowers in summer, the autumn leaves in fall, the snow in winter, and the cherry blossoms in spring – everything will leave you with a stunning impression.



Known for its Asahiyama zoo, this place holds many animals and productions that can be appreciated up close. One can see the animals at an intimate distance to give much experience with these lovely creatures.

Asahikawa is also famous for its snow art museum. There is a flower bed of seasonal flowers and an array of herbs and vegetables that will attract any visitor. You can also chill and unwind in Tokiwakoen where you can enjoy the autumn leaves and cherry blossoms while riding a boat.


gardenTokachi is rich in sightseeing spots where its magnificent scenery and beautiful nature will leave you speechless. Check out the “Garden Road” that is filled with flowers. When you drive around the area, it gives you peace of mind.

The Kamishihoro lake also offers a great stop over. Tokachi is a town known for its hot springs. In fact, there are many spas to enjoy there.

Hokkaido is truly a place filled with heavenly beauty. There are lots of flower beds to see, hot springs to bathe in, and great foods to enjoy. You’ll be surprised at the freshness of their vegetables and seafood too.

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